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SIVA's reality

What was once science fiction is our new reality. News from across the globe reaches us in seconds and the most advanced computers ever built live in our pockets. We can instantly access what we need anywhere, as long as we have energy.

So we take to the outdoors; we snap and share photos; we have fun with the best and prepare for the worst.

Sabore Dave and Aaron

People need power

In 2014 we met Sabore Ole Oyie, a Maasai chief from Kenya. He dresses in traditional Maasai clothing, and keeps an iPhone in his pocket. He uses it to get weather reports, health information, and safety protocols, helping him lead his people - yet there's no power grid and charging his phone is challenging.

He originally inspired us to push our imagination toward a solution that fits his Maasai tribe, but we took it a step further. We came up with something that works for people in rural Africa and New York City. We created mobile, affordable, clean power for everyone.

Our Roots

Your pedal power for your electronics

SIVA started on the bicycle with the Atom USB bicycle generator, converting the momentum of riding a bicycle into power. Your own pedal power for your electronics. But the bicycle was just the tip of the iceberg and we're now developing a universal solution to capture, store, and deliver power on the go. SIVA is the future of portable power.

siva core

Our Future

Our Future

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